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  • Kristen Caudill Verified Purchase

    From Hawaii-Wailuku 2019-12-22

    GREAT FILTER - No taste in the water at all!

    I bought this to replace a filter that just turned "red" in a refrigerator that was already in a house we purchased 9 months ago. When we bought the house, I was so disappointed upon tasting the water from the frig. It was disgusting. When the filter light turned red, I even hesitated to bother spending money on another filter. Well, I'm glad that I decided to go ahead and get this filter. The water is crystal clear and absolutely no taste. I AM THRILLED.

  • Amos Caudill Verified Purchase

    From Georgia-Albany 2019-12-22

    Clean, clear tasting water. Very nice.

    I have had a refrigerator designed for the PUR water filtration system for almost 10 years. I was always very happy with my water filters. Great taste, and as far as I could tell, clean water. Never a chlorine smell, even when the water sat in a water bottle over night. These Clatterans filters are just the same. They do a very nice job, and I have experienced this with every filter I have had. They have even lasted longer than I have expected. We drink a lot of water in my house, and this filter keeps the water tasting nice and clean for 4 months, even during the summer when our water intake is at its highest. This is a good quality filter, that I am very pleased with. 4 months of nice tasting, clean water, I am very satisfied and will continue to purchase these filters as long as they are made.

  • May Caudill Verified Purchase

    From Idaho-Rexburg 2019-12-22

    Great filter.

    Purchased July 4th and installed a day or two later. Today (12/22) I'm at the 'red' light indicating to replace. So, it's almost about 6 months. This will vary on how often you use. The filter has been great. No complaints from me or my family. Water tastes great. We have well water, which is softened already, and this filter does a great job and making it great. Setup was easy. Hit the button on the bottom and out she came. Put the new one in and done.

  • Henrietta Caudill Verified Purchase

    From Illinois-Champaign 2019-12-21

    My new filter

    The original filter for my refrigerator was no longer available, and I was reluctant to purchase this as it was a lot more money. I saw this product which had great reviews. I bought it and you get what you pay for. I bought this product and my water now taste like nothing (which is a good thing) I could not be happier with this filter. The water taste even more pure than the original filter that I had been using for a few years. Do yourself a favor, spend the money on this, you will not regret it

  • Brad Caudill Verified Purchase

    From Connecticut-Guilford 2019-12-20

    Almost like it came directly from a cold spring

    Before installing this filter, I would fight the urge to drink water frequently. The city claimed ""the were fixing something"" as the water had a faint smell of bass. I believe at one point they were pumping it directly from a local pond. Once this filter was installed, the brown tint to the water was diminished and the water returned to being crystal clear and odorless. Almost like it came directly from a cold spring. I have tried substitutes in the past, but this filter is the SH*t. I look forward to filling my cup with this delicacy of refreshment. It has a certain glow as it spews from the refrigerator. I am now fully hydrated and feeling refreshed.

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95% Positive

  • Written on 2018-09-24

    The filter were as described and work wonderfully.

  • Written on 2018-09-24


  • Written on 2018-09-23

    It just took a little longer than I thought otherwise it was great.

  • Written on 2018-09-23

    Product was as advertised, delivered on time, lokks and works just like original equipment.

  • Written on 2018-09-23

    Easy to order and fast delivery and a great price on the product I was shopping for