By  Bobbie
Overall Rating:
   5 stars
Great tasting water - expensive, but safe and the best as far as I know 2020-01-05 13:56:46

The water and ice with this filter taste great and that is why I gave it five stars. In my opinion, you can save yourself the web surfing time and just get this filter if it fits your refrigerator. My old filter was stuck in the up position and I could not get a grip on it to remove it. I took a small hammer and tapped the filter on the side at the rear and it came loose so I could pull the filter downward and twist it counter-clockwise to remove it. It took more effort than I expected to twist off but that may not be typical. Twist the new filter on clockwise, push it up and close the cover. Run water for two minutes to purge the filter. Enjoy the clean tasty water.